Many homeowners erroneously believe that during winter, the pests somehow go away.

The trust is far different. As winter starts, there are pests that hibernate and others get into houses in search of food and warmth. Here are some common winter pests you are likely to encounter and some useful pest control tips to get rid of them.


This is a common pest that does not let up even during winter. They are notorious hitchhikers traveling from one location to the other on clothing, purses and luggage. They are found in hotels and airplanes, and it is extremely important to be proactive as you travel to avoid carrying them home.

Prevention Tips: When you’re in a hotel, check mattresses, box springs and headboards for any signs of a bedbug infestation or some dark blood spots. Make sure that you hang all your clothing instead of leaving it on the bed or on furniture. It is not advisable to unpack your clothes and store them inside the furniture drawers at the hotel. Upon returning home, ensure that your suitcases are well vacuumed and wash all the clothes in hot water. Bedbugs are best treated by experienced and skilled pest control personnel.


Rodents are common winter pests that love setting up their nests in the dark and secluded areas of the house like basements and attics. Rodents (rats and mice) are notorious for chewing their way through electrical wires and drywall. They can also contaminate food and spread diseases like tapeworms, salmonella, cowpox virus, jaundice and rat-bite fever.

Preventive Tips: Rodents are capable of fitting through small holes and openings. Inspect your home for possible rodent entrances and fill them with silicone caulk. Remove any source of water or moisture in the basement or crawl spaces. Check the walls and floors for any greasy marks that signify the presence of rodents.


Birds are also another common pest encountered during the winter season. Although, birds may seem beautiful from afar, they can carry up to 60 different parasites and 40 different viruses. Their droppings corrode metal surfaces and deface exterior walls.

Prevention: You can use the anti-roosting wire system to deter birds from roosting in your property. Plastic netting systems can be used to prevent birds from roosting on a building’s recessed portions, under eaves or in light wells.


Most homeowners are not concerned by sighting an ant during the summer, but during the winter, it could be a sign of a massive infestation. They could have made their nest inside the house during the summer. A professional would be the best to eliminate an ant problem.

When you spot any of these winter pests, do not try to get rid of them on your own. Instead, call YES Pest Pros for professional pest control services.