For many people, their homes are the single biggest investment they will make in a lifetime. The prospect of jeopardizing that is terrifying. Yet thousands go without termite treatments on a regular basis. Given that termites do billions of dollars in damages to homes just like yours every day, would not it be safer to have your home inspected and treated? Summer is a particularly important time for termite treatments.

Why Summer?termites-eating-the-house

Summer often brings warm temperatures, and after a rain, the dampness that termites absolutely love. In places like Bloomington, IN, it’s tough for termites to survive the cooler fall and freezing winter temperatures, so they work as quickly as they can to get through your home in the late spring and summer. It’s not just rain that brings them out, though. Heavy dew or mist can do the same.

How Can I Stop Them?

Besides calling a good Bloomington pest control company, there are actually several things you can do to keep termites at bay. First, make certain you don’t intentionally saturate your home with water. Keep your sprinklers well away from your house, and make certain you fix any leaks immediately. Keep vegetation and mulch well away from the foundation of your home, too. Also, make certain you keep your wood pile several feet from your home. Grade your soil away from your foundation, and make certain you have enough vents in your crawl space. Regular inspection can help too.

If you’re worried about termites, and if you own a home, you absolutely should be, make certain you contact a dedicated termite pest control company for an immediate inspection. They’ll let you know what problems they see and how to fix them. In some cases, you may even be able to sign up for a maintenance plan that can help to prevent these home-devouring creatures year after year.