Many people consider gardening a wonderful hobby. They get to cultivate beautiful flowers and plants, as well as turn their yard into a lush paradise. While gardening can be a fun activity, it may also unintentionally create a haven for termites. Thus, it’s important to take note of these termite-luring gardening habits, so you can refrain from doing them.

Leaving Piles of Wood on the Ground

Any collected wood that you leave on the ground serves as an ideal environment and a tasty snack for termites. After they create a residence out of the woodpiles, they will travel in search for more wooden parts in and around your home to satisfy their hunger. So, if you’ve got wood, don’t leave them exposed and unprotected. Store them in a container or shed or dispose of them if they’re infested.

Planting too Close to Your House

Termites love the moisture that comes from garden mulch. Therefore, if you put your plants too close to your home, it may create a situation where termites may seek to move their mound to your house instead. It’s best to reduce the usage of wood mulch and keep the garden bed at least half a meter away from the house’s foundation.

Watering the Plants too Much                                          

A garden requires water to survive. Without it, most plants would shrivel up and die. While you do need to water your garden, too much water creates a damp environment that termites enjoy. Make sure to water only the right amount, so that you don’t present termites with a tasty treat!

In case one of these habits lead to a termite infestation in your home, contact a termite pest control company before these critters take over your home. At Yes Pest Pros, we provide effective termite removal services to get rid of the termites and prevent them from coming back. Remember that termites multiply quickly, so give us a call before the problem gets out of hand!

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