It’s one thing to see a neighbor’s house get fumigated. Everyone bombs their houses with insecticide from time to time as a general form of pest control. But it’s different when it comes to termites. They’re a historically invasive species, and if your neighbor’s pest guy drives them away, should you worry?

If your neighbor’s recently had termite control service, then there’s reason to be cautious. Infestation in your home also depends on the frequency of infestation in your neighborhood. The point is termites are opportunistic; always on the lookout for the next house to feed on. And if your home is accessible, you may soon have them over for a lengthy visit.

We provide reliable, safe termite pest control in Indiana and Michigan, and though Hoosiers have more reason to be wary, we’d still warn Michiganders to be careful.

Talking to Your Neighbors and Experts

Before you make your move, talk to your neighbors first. You may be surprised that they inadvertently caused their own problem. Moisture is the number-one attraction for termites. If your neighbor has an abnormal amount of moisture in their home, you can make that your first step.

Check your home’s ventilation, and make sure closed spaces aren’t “sweating.” Look in your cabinets, cupboards, and even kitchen drawers.

You can also ask other neighbors if they experienced termite infestation. If enough of them tell you they’ve had to get, it’s time to start calling the professionals. There’s a clear trend, and sooner or later, you probably will experience some form of infestation.

Not Your Average Pest Exterminators

We get the job done—not just with those pesky termites. We also exterminate ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other kinds of insects. And we use eco-friendly pesticides, sometimes none at all.

We’d hate to leave you alone when insects aren’t leaving you alone. Call us today.