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Pests, as we all know, are a common problem. They come into our homes—into our lives—and they create one problem after another. They slowly destroy our homes, our food sources, and even threaten our health. No matter where you live, you can be sure that pests will find you. They will invade your home…that much […]

Carpet Beetles: What You Need to Know Now

Worried about carpet beetles in your home? If you’re not already, you probably should be. Carpet beetles can be some of the worst pests around, but there are ways to keep them out of your home. These tips can help.

Wait, What Are They?

Just 3 mm long, carpet beetles aren’t exactly the kind of pest you […]

Ridding Your Pantry of Pests

In My Food?  Yuck!   There’s nothing more disturbing than discovering an infestation of any kind of bug in your pantry. The pantry is where you keep all your foodstuffs from pasta to jarred goodies.  It’s supposed to be a place of plenty, a place of storage for future meals.  A cozy place full of food.  […]

Staying Pest Free All Year

Is Year Round Pest Control Possible?   Yes.  Keeping pests out and under control all year long is entirely possible.  You simply need the right company with the correct knowledge and skills to ensure that it happens.  Pests have different ways of getting into your home, and they are there for varying reasons, but that […]

Quality Pest Extermination for Your House

A pest free home will always start with something as simple as an evaluation.  Pest evaluations are often free and can bring to light any pest issues you think you might have – and sometimes they can bring up issues you didn’t know existed.  A lot of people don’t realize they have termites until they […]

No DIY Pest Control Here

One of the first things most people do when they find pests around their home is reaching for a can of whatever pest it is spray from the nearest home improvement store. But is that can really going to work? Do you really know what kind of pest you have? Is that can really safe […]

House Spiders Enjoying Your Home

Are House Spiders Different Than Other Spiders?   You have probably heard all sorts of names for spiders – both specific and generic.  You may have heard of garden spiders, black widows, jumping spiders, and of course, house spiders.  But what makes a spider a house spider?  Is there one spider that is called by […]

Learn How to Keep Fleas at Bay

Fleas are often associated with animals – specially household pets – and for good reason.  Fleas living outdoor are always on the search for a warm body to latch onto and get a meal from.  Dogs and cats that run around outside can make for easy targets for fleas, especially during peak seasons.  Sometimes fleas may […]

Where Fruit Flies Live

What Are These Annoying Insects?   Those tiny little things flying around in your kitchen may very well be fruit flies.  Fruit flies are tiny and can live in a multitude of locations as long as there is a food source nearby.  The problem with fruit flies is that they can be anywhere and you may not […]

Little Black Ants in Your Kitchen

Where Did They Come From?   Most of the time people never see little black ants, more commonly known as sugar ants, actually coming into their house.  Instead, they see the ants already inside, marching along in a line or moving back and forth from a piece of food left out on the counter, or a […]