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WDO Inspection for Realtors: A Primer

Realtors are in the business of finding the perfect house for their clients – a place that will quickly go from being just a mere house to a home. But finding the perfect house goes far beyond simply finding a house that has all of the physical desires the client may be looking for. The […]

Keep Bats Out of Your Home

While it may be true that the bat population is at an all-time low, this mammal is still a pest that creates 1/5 of the mammal population. Bats, like every other creature in existence, have an appropriate place and purpose. In fact, they are beneficial to the environment, cutting down on insect population. (Without bats, […]

Holy Bats in the House, Man!

When it comes to common infestations in Indiana, most folks think of the common pests first: roaches, wasps and even bed bugs, but did you know that a dozen species of bats call the state of Indiana home? And that bats can be a huge health hazard to humans? Even just one bat in the […]

Putting a Permanent End to Pesky Bed Bugs

It’s not fair. Every night you unwillingly share your bed and home with nasty little invaders you could certainly do without: bed bugs. These pesky little critters are most known for infesting beds, but they don’t stop there. Beg bugs can also be found in furniture, clothing, carpeting and other places where they can thrive […]

Carpet Beetles: Your Clothes’ Worst Enemy

Dealing with any type of pest infestation is nothing short of frustrating, but when you’re talking about a pest infestation like carpet beetles, you could be losing thousands of dollars as they eat through your wardrobe. Before you start pulling every item out of your closet to start a solid bonfire, it’s important to note […]

Bed Bugs: A Growing Problem that CAN be Stopped

At less than a half inch long, bed bugs are some of the tiniest pests out there.  Their size, however, does not equate to the harm they can cause if they infest your home.  Bed bugs feed on human blood, and as their unwitting host, you offer an endless food source for them.  They can […]

Pest Control is Something We All Have In Common

There are certain things that all homeowners have to deal with, regardless of where they live, the size of their house or number of bedrooms.  Mowing the lawn, for instance, is one and general maintenance/upkeep is another.  And unfortuantely, pest control is yet another issue that everyone deals with.  While this is the one that […]

Dangerous Household Spiders of Indiana

Indiana is home to many species of indigenous and naturalized spiders.  They are common household pests and the subject of many calls to pest control companies.  In the winter, many of these creepy crawlies seek shelter inside homes.   Almost all spiders are capable of biting, given a target they can fit in their […]