tick control

Fall Is Tick Season!

Fall is the time when most homeowners think they’re finally done with all of the pests the warmer weather typically brings. In the case of ticks, though, any pest control service will tell you that you’re still at risk.

Who Cares?

Ticks would love nothing more than to attach themselves to you or your pets for a […]

The Truth about Ticks

Every US state has ticks, and every US state has ticks bearing disease.  This is an unpleasant fact about ticks.  The blood-sucking arachnid poses a threat to your family, and it could be living in your yard right now.  Regular pest control services can help limit your exposure to this tiny biter and reduce the […]

Protecting Beloved Pets from Pests

The humans in your household are not the only ones affected by pest control issues.  Your pets are just as at-risk for pests as you are.  Common household pests can be annoying for pet owner but they can be deadly for your pet.  Take care of the animals in your change by keeping them free […]

Get Tick Pest Control To Stop Tick Problems in Your Yard

There is no doubt that ticks will make your skin crawl. Not to mention, there are several serious conditions you can get from a tick bite and all it takes is walking through an infested area to end up with a ticks on you. But with a bit of knowledge and the help of a […]

Preventing Ticks Throughout the Summer

When it comes to preparing for a trip through the woods, the threat of ticks isn’t one that is usually at the forefront of our minds. In reality, ticks can be quite dangerous as they spread Lyme disease, which can be a serious medical condition. Ticks tend to gather in high grasses and in the […]