South Bend pest control company

Termite Treatment Options

Termite activity can devastate a home.  South Bend termite control professionals have seen serious damage done by these insects.  They can render a home unsafe and unlivable in a remarkably short span of time.  It’s crucial that homeowners protect their largest single investment by regularly treating their homes for termites.   Termites are subterranean social […]

Ridding your Home of House Spiders

Spiders are so universally feared that they have their own phobia: arachnophobia. Despite this fearsome reputation, almost all of the spiders found in the US are totally harmless.  Only the black widow and the brown recluse pose a threat to humans. Still, house spiders often cause homeowners to call a pest exterminator.In the right place, […]

Commercial Pest Control Solutions

Have you had unhappy customers report that they have seen mice, flies or other embarrassing pests in your establishment? Have you had problems with crumbling, termite-eaten wood? If so, you have to act now. Your business is extremely important and you can’t afford pest control problems. Pests can cause health and infrastructure issues, not to […]