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Be Comfortable and Pest Free

Wake Up Time

Insects have a lot of different methods to outlive the winter weather and cold temperatures. Some burrow deep underground or into trees and go dormant for the season. Others will simply die off, but their eggs or larvae are placed somewhere they can last until spring time. Some pests, such as mice and […]

Fighting Your Bat Problems

Bats are a winter pest control issue for many Indiana residents.  The noise and smell of a bat infestation is bad enough, but the diseases they can carry make them a real danger to humans.  They aren’t the easiest pest to get rid of either.  Since there are no chemicals registered in Indiana for bat […]

Dangerous Household Spiders of Indiana

Indiana is home to many species of indigenous and naturalized spiders.  They are common household pests and the subject of many calls to pest control companies.  In the winter, many of these creepy crawlies seek shelter inside homes.   Almost all spiders are capable of biting, given a target they can fit in their […]

Don’t Bring Home Bedbugs

Winter blues can take a toll on a family.  The cold and snow can grow old and the indoors can seem suffocating after a few weeks of winter.  Many families take advantage of the fall and winter breaks from school and schedule a quick vacation to a warmer climate.  If you choose to plan a […]

Make Mice Unwelcome

Winter is coming quickly.  Soon the pleasant embrace of a temperate fall day will turn into winter’s freezing clutches.  While the ice, snow and cold can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for humans, these conditions can be deadly for small mammals like mice and rats.  These vermin will seek out warm and hospitable places to spend […]

Suspect you have a Bee Infestation?

Bees are often pictured as cute and charming, gracing the pages of children’s books and gardening attire. Bees are certainly beneficial to the garden, but when they infest your home and living space, they can cause serious problems. Know what to look for and what to do if you suspect you have a bee infestation. […]