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Spotting Carpenter Ants Early Can Save You Money

Many people do not recognize the warnings signs or serious risks of a carpenter ant infestation and fail to call a pest control service until after structural damage has already occurred in their home. If you know what to look for and call a pest control service in time, you can save money on costly […]

How to Root Out Those Bats

If you notice bats near your home, you may have a bat roost in your home. The easiest way to tell is if you hear any loud, unusual sounds or chatters coming from your roof, attic, or other high up areas within your home. If you are still unsure, you can always call someone to […]

Those Little Almost Unseen Annoyances – Ticks

As spring and summer come around once again, we find ourselves doing more outside activities.  We go hiking, fishing, camping, or even have backyard barbeques. We don’t often think about all the little insects that can also come out during these months. Proper pest control becomes a very important part of our lives.A few of […]

Fighting Fleas in Your Home

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. You must maintain your yard. You must also maintain the inside of your house. This includes fixing things when they are broken, updating paint, flooring, and appliances as they age, and pest control service of your home.If you have pets, however, keeping insects, particularly fleas out […]

Pest Control is Something We All Have In Common

There are certain things that all homeowners have to deal with, regardless of where they live, the size of their house or number of bedrooms.  Mowing the lawn, for instance, is one and general maintenance/upkeep is another.  And unfortuantely, pest control is yet another issue that everyone deals with.  While this is the one that […]