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Integrated Pest Management

In decades past, many chemicals were used solely because of their effectiveness without much thought toward what the long-term ramifications might be.  Today, pest control companies are striving to become more environmentally sensitive.  We must protect our homes from pests the dangers they present, but we can do it with a lighter hand and fewer lingering […]

Choosing a Green Pest Control Company

If you have been paying attention in the last several years, then you know that much of what we have been doing has been ruining our environment and which can affect our health. This is why there has been such a large initiative to ‘Go Green’. You see the ‘Go Green’ slogan everywhere you go.Grocery […]

Dangerous Household Spiders of Indiana

Indiana is home to many species of indigenous and naturalized spiders.  They are common household pests and the subject of many calls to pest control companies.  In the winter, many of these creepy crawlies seek shelter inside homes.   Almost all spiders are capable of biting, given a target they can fit in their […]