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What Crawls On Your Floor?

There are many pests that can present a problem in the home. One particularly nasty pest is the carpet beetle. Belonging the Dermestidae family, the carpet beetle is part of a group of pests that have over five hundred different species. It is a small insect, with the average adult carpet beetle ranging between two […]

Little Black Ants in Your Kitchen

Where Did They Come From?   Most of the time people never see little black ants, more commonly known as sugar ants, actually coming into their house.  Instead, they see the ants already inside, marching along in a line or moving back and forth from a piece of food left out on the counter, or a […]

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Always at Work   Carpenter ant extermination is something that must be done once you discover them in your home.  This is because they can do a lot of damage to the wood structures within your walls, floor, and other locations. Carpenter ants don’t necessarily eat the wood that they chew up, but rather carve their way through it […]