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Flour Beetles And Your Home

Imagine waking up one morning only to head to your kitchen cupboard and find hundreds of small brown bugs pouring out of them. It happens more often than you think, and if you’ve never been infested, you can certainly count yourself lucky. They’re called flour beetles, and in Indiana, there are two main types to worry about: […]

Fruit, House, Drain, and Bottle Flies

In the world of pest control, flies easily rank as one of the single biggest nuisances.Unfortunately, most people don’t regularly deal with a single type of fly. Instead, they deal with several. Here are four of the most common.

Fruit Flies: Usually very tiny in nature, these pests rank high on the nuisance factor scale. They’re […]

Carpet Beetles: What You Need to Know Now

Worried about carpet beetles in your home? If you’re not already, you probably should be. Carpet beetles can be some of the worst pests around, but there are ways to keep them out of your home. These tips can help.

Wait, What Are They?

Just 3 mm long, carpet beetles aren’t exactly the kind of pest you […]