pest control

Pet Safe Pest Control

If your home is overrun with pests, you probably want to get rid of them. Some people call an exterminator with no hesitation, but you probably take a pause if you’re a pet owner. Many heavy-duty chemicals can be toxic or fatal to both pets and people, so why take a chance? Actually, you may […]

Those Little Almost Unseen Annoyances – Ticks

As spring and summer come around once again, we find ourselves doing more outside activities.  We go hiking, fishing, camping, or even have backyard barbeques. We don’t often think about all the little insects that can also come out during these months. Proper pest control becomes a very important part of our lives.A few of […]

How to Put an End to Your Ant Control Problem

Ants are often portrayed as harmless little insect that love to steal picnic watermelons, but the truth is that they can do much worse. If you have found that your house has an ant control problem, you know just how hard it can be to get rid of them and how stressful they can make […]

Pest Control is Something We All Have In Common

There are certain things that all homeowners have to deal with, regardless of where they live, the size of their house or number of bedrooms.  Mowing the lawn, for instance, is one and general maintenance/upkeep is another.  And unfortuantely, pest control is yet another issue that everyone deals with.  While this is the one that […]

Make Mice Unwelcome

Winter is coming quickly.  Soon the pleasant embrace of a temperate fall day will turn into winter’s freezing clutches.  While the ice, snow and cold can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for humans, these conditions can be deadly for small mammals like mice and rats.  These vermin will seek out warm and hospitable places to spend […]

Eliminating Mosquitos In Your Yard

This summer has been wet for much of the United States, which means the risk of massive mosquito outbreaks is at an all-time high. Not only are mosquitoes a pain in the neck, they can carry diseases that can turn your summer from a winner to a bummer fast. While it may be impossible to […]