Integrated Pest Management

Selecting the right Bloomington Pest Control Professional

Whether you’re battling bed bugs, you need the help of a termite pest control specialist, or you simply want someone who specialized in residential and commercial pest control selecting an Bloomington pest control company to add to your list of service providers is essential in making certain you keep your home safe and pest free. […]

Integrated Pest Management

In decades past, many chemicals were used solely because of their effectiveness without much thought toward what the long-term ramifications might be.  Today, pest control companies are striving to become more environmentally sensitive.  We must protect our homes from pests the dangers they present, but we can do it with a lighter hand and fewer lingering […]

YES Pest Pros Offer Green Pest Control Options

No one wants to deal with pests in their home but when you are in that situation, you want them out as soon as possible. However, you do not want to risk harming your family or pets either with toxic pest control measures, luckily more companies like Young Environmental Solutions are offering different integrated pest […]

Green Pest Control Practices

Most people think that pest control methods have to be harsh or even dangerous in order to work.  They believe that toxins and poisons are the only way to achieve complete eradication of pest issue.  This simply isn’t the case.  There are green pest control methods for problems like managing fly problems and getting rid of […]

Meet Young Environmental Solutions— a 3rd Generation Company Working for You

Young Environmental Solutions is a family-owned pest control company in the Elkhart, Bloomington, South Bend, and Granger Indiana areas. Why, you might ask, is being a family-owned company important? Well it is simple really, when your family name and reputation is on the line with every single transaction, you always want to do your very […]