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Fall is Here – It’s Time for a Termite Checkup!

Keep Your House Clear of Termites   When fall arrives, it’s a good time to call an Indiana termite pest control company to do a thorough check of your home for termites.  Having someone perform this check once per year is an excellent idea because it gives you to tackle the problem before it gets […]

The Easy Five Step Solution to Business Fly Control

Nothing beats summertime in Indiana. The air is clean, the days are endless and the nights are unforgettable. However, you aren’t the only one out there enjoying these beautiful summers. Flies and mosquitoes breed by the billions every year, and while most of us remember to mosquito-proof our homes and backyards, our workplace is a […]

How to Protect Your Family by Controlling Insects

While some insects can merely be a nuisance, some can really cause serious health issues.  For example, ticks can carry Lyme disease, which can be a serious and devastating illness, especially when untreated.  Lyme disease can infect pets, you or your children.  Mosquitoes in the Midwest are also known as harbingers of disease, including the […]