house spiders

How to Keep House Spiders Out

They’re the subject of fears everywhere. Eight legs, a creepy crawly nature, and a bite from some species that will cause serious medical problems. They’re spiders, and keeping them out as the cold weather sets in is not going to be easy. These tips can help.

Eliminate hiding places. Spiders don’t really like to be out […]

House Spiders Enjoying Your Home

Are House Spiders Different Than Other Spiders?   You have probably heard all sorts of names for spiders – both specific and generic.  You may have heard of garden spiders, black widows, jumping spiders, and of course, house spiders.  But what makes a spider a house spider?  Is there one spider that is called by […]

Ridding your Home of House Spiders

Spiders are so universally feared that they have their own phobia: arachnophobia. Despite this fearsome reputation, almost all of the spiders found in the US are totally harmless.  Only the black widow and the brown recluse pose a threat to humans. Still, house spiders often cause homeowners to call a pest exterminator.In the right place, […]