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How to Keep House Spiders Out

They’re the subject of fears everywhere. Eight legs, a creepy crawly nature, and a bite from some species that will cause serious medical problems. They’re spiders, and keeping them out as the cold weather sets in is not going to be easy. These tips can help.

Eliminate hiding places. Spiders don’t really like to be out […]

Should I Worry About Bed Bug Bites?

Got Bugs?

Bed bugs are a huge pest. No one ever wants to discover that there are bugs in their bed, and these creatures gorge themselves on blood during the night. The worst of it is, your house can be the cleanest home on the street and bed bugs can still become a problem. How?

Bed bugs […]

Who is Your Elkhart Indiana Pest Control?

What’s the Problem?   When you have a pest issue, you must remember that not all pest control companies are made alike.  For the right Elkhart pest control, you need to take a little time and do the right amount of research in order to find what you are looking for.  Simply discovering the phone number of […]

Take the Sting Out of Summer

You may remember learning about bees and wasps in school. You probably learned that we appreciate bees for pollinating our flowers. Of course, we appreciate honeybees for the honey that they manufacture. You may have learned that we appreciate wasps for their control over the insect population. They feed on a variety of insects including […]