cockroaches in indiana

The Primary Types of Indiana Cockroaches

There are few bugs that are quite so hated in the world like the cockroach. No one wants to think of these creepy-crawlies making their way into the home, but understanding what you’re dealing with and how to prevent it can be a huge help. Here are the most common types of cockroaches you may […]

3 Things You Should Know About Winter Roach Control

The weather is beginning to get colder and winter will soon be upon us. With winter comes wintertime pests, such as cockroaches. Unfortunately, roaches do not disappear even when the thermometer drops and snow is on the ground. You can still have a roach problem, even in the winter, and dealing with it means learning […]

Top Indiana Pests to Look Out For

Termites   Termites are a problem in a lot of places here in Indiana. From Bloomington to Elkhart you’ll find as many trees and old barns as you will open farmland. Termites love dead wood because it gives them a great place to live and thrive. Sometimes if they’re close enough, they’ll decide to move into […]

Steering Clear of Cockroaches

But I thought my house was clean and secure…   Cockroaches are very skilled at getting into places people don’t want them to be.  If they view that location as somewhere they want to be, they will find a way to get there.  While most of the time people associate cockroaches with an unclean home, this […]