carpenter ant removal

Is it Carpenter Ants or Termites?

The last thing you want to fight is a pest that can do serious structural damage to your home, but for millions, carpenter ants and termites are a common occurrence year after year. Both will create tunnels throughout the structure of your home, so how do you know which you’re fighting? This quick guide can […]

Natural Ant Control Methods

It’s that time of year. Ants are invading kitchens, bathrooms, and other parts of homes everywhere. While no one wants to see these little black soldiers marching through their homes, many are reluctant to pick up a can of who-knows-what off the hardware store shelf, and with good reason. It’s dangerous, and it may not […]

Spotting Carpenter Ants Early Can Save You Money

Many people do not recognize the warnings signs or serious risks of a carpenter ant infestation and fail to call a pest control service until after structural damage has already occurred in their home. If you know what to look for and call a pest control service in time, you can save money on costly […]

Controlling Carpenter Ants

Fall is upon us and winter isn’t far behind.  As the first frost hits, many homeowners are fairly sure they won’t need to call their pest exterminator for at least a few months.  Most people think their ant control issues are long over by the time the leaves begin to turn.  After all, ants are […]