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Are Clothing Moths Gone For Good?

Your grandmother may have packed things in moth balls to keep problems at bay, but few people go to drastic measures like that anymore. Are clothing moths even something people worry about these days? Absolutely, and you may want to be a bit concerned in your house too.

What Are They?

Scientifically named Tineola bisselliella, clothes moths […]

Fighting Stink Bugs

Stink bugs haven’t always been part of the equation in the US. In fact, they didn’t even appear here until the late ‘90s. It’s thought that they hitched a ride with some cargo from Asia. Now that they’re here, though, they’re certainly willing to call it home, and keeping them out of your place is […]

It’s Fall! The Boxelder Bugs are Coming – Are You Ready?

With the approach of cooler weather, many people notice one major buggy problem in their homes – the invasion of the boxelder bugs. While they’re present during the summer, they don’t typically move inside until the weather gets colder, and they begin to search for a winter home, and you may need a good pest […]

Tips for Curbing Fall Pest Activity

The cooler temperatures of fall have finally arrived and they might seem like quite a relief after summer’s scorching heat.  However, along with the refreshing weather come pest control problems.  As the seasons change, pests are often tempted to take up residence in your home.  The change of season is frequently a signal for pests […]

How to Protect Your Family by Controlling Insects

While some insects can merely be a nuisance, some can really cause serious health issues.  For example, ticks can carry Lyme disease, which can be a serious and devastating illness, especially when untreated.  Lyme disease can infect pets, you or your children.  Mosquitoes in the Midwest are also known as harbingers of disease, including the […]

Green Pest Control Practices

Most people think that pest control methods have to be harsh or even dangerous in order to work.  They believe that toxins and poisons are the only way to achieve complete eradication of pest issue.  This simply isn’t the case.  There are green pest control methods for problems like managing fly problems and getting rid of […]