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Wake Up Time

Insects have a lot of different methods to outlive the winter weather and cold temperatures. Some burrow deep underground or into trees and go dormant for the season. Others will simply die off, but their eggs or larvae are placed somewhere they can last until spring time. Some pests, such as mice and […]

Top Indiana Pests to Look Out For

Termites   Termites are a problem in a lot of places here in Indiana. From Bloomington to Elkhart you’ll find as many trees and old barns as you will open farmland. Termites love dead wood because it gives them a great place to live and thrive. Sometimes if they’re close enough, they’ll decide to move into […]

House Spiders Enjoying Your Home

Are House Spiders Different Than Other Spiders?   You have probably heard all sorts of names for spiders – both specific and generic.  You may have heard of garden spiders, black widows, jumping spiders, and of course, house spiders.  But what makes a spider a house spider?  Is there one spider that is called by […]

Learn How to Keep Fleas at Bay

Fleas are often associated with animals – specially household pets – and for good reason.  Fleas living outdoor are always on the search for a warm body to latch onto and get a meal from.  Dogs and cats that run around outside can make for easy targets for fleas, especially during peak seasons.  Sometimes fleas may […]