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Take the Sting Out of Summer

You may remember learning about bees and wasps in school. You probably learned that we appreciate bees for pollinating our flowers. Of course, we appreciate honeybees for the honey that they manufacture. You may have learned that we appreciate wasps for their control over the insect population. They feed on a variety of insects including […]

Fighting Bees and Wasps? These Bee Control Tips Can Help

Bzzzzz… If you have been hearing that familiar buzz every time you walk out of your front door, it may be time to contact a bee exterminator. Wasps can be a threat to the health of you and your family. Not to be confused with the fatter honeybee, wasps do transport some pollen but they […]

Suspect you have a Bee Infestation?

Bees are often pictured as cute and charming, gracing the pages of children’s books and gardening attire. Bees are certainly beneficial to the garden, but when they infest your home and living space, they can cause serious problems. Know what to look for and what to do if you suspect you have a bee infestation. […]