How to Exterminate Bedbugs

Bed bug extermination can seem like a very daunting process. From the moment you noticed the first warning signs of bed bugs, you have been researching every possible method to be sure the bed bugs are gone.   The unfortunate truth is that you do have to take serious measures once you determine bedbugs are […]

Don’t Bring Home Bedbugs

Winter blues can take a toll on a family.  The cold and snow can grow old and the indoors can seem suffocating after a few weeks of winter.  Many families take advantage of the fall and winter breaks from school and schedule a quick vacation to a warmer climate.  If you choose to plan a […]

Getting to the Bottom of the Bedbug Problem

We have all heard the famous children’s nursery rhyme: “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Don’t feel bad if you went most of your life thinking bed bugs were simply a fictional creature that only existed in song. Unfortunately, they are indeed real, very real. And for many years bed bugs were not an issue people had to worry […]