Bed bug heat treatments

Now Offering Bloomington Bed Bug Heat Treatments

No one wants to think about the prospect of a bed bug invasion. They’re creepy. They’re crawly, and they’ll bite you while you sleep. Is there anything worse than the thought of a bug crawling around on you while you sleep? Bedbugs have, once again, become one of the largest pest control problems, and they’re […]

Bed Bugs and College Dorms

Concerns about bed bugs are seemingly everywhere these days, and if you’re dropping your teen off at a university or college this fall, you can bet that your bed bug fears are far from over. Colleges are the perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs, and keeping them off of your freshman and out of your […]

Bite Bed Bugs Back! Learn How to Deal with a Bed Bug Infestation

Unfortunately, bed bugs have come back all around the country and Indiana is no exception. If you find bed bugs in your home, do not try to get rid of them on your own, bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of. You need to have an experienced bed bug pest control company like […]

What Are Bed Bug Heat Treatments?

Got Bed Bugs?   Bed bugs are starting to make their appearance once again in Indiana, and all it takes is for a few to hop onto something of yours from another location to infest your house.  This is most often how bed bugs get from one place to another.  Bed bugs are small and […]

Stop Bed Bugs Before They Take Over

Although seemingly gone for decades, bed bugs have returned with renewed vigor in the last few years, much to the chagrin of anyone who comes in contact with them.  What do bed bugs do? These nasty pests can wreak havoc on a home, causing annoying and uncomfortable bites and lack of sleep for those who […]

Don’t Bring Home Bedbugs

Winter blues can take a toll on a family.  The cold and snow can grow old and the indoors can seem suffocating after a few weeks of winter.  Many families take advantage of the fall and winter breaks from school and schedule a quick vacation to a warmer climate.  If you choose to plan a […]

Get The Facts About Bed Bugs

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about bed bugs. Some of it has been passed down from parent to child, and some is being circulated online. The only way you will be able to truly protect yourself from these bothersome pests is to know the truth.Myth 1- You can only get bed bugs […]

Treating Bed Bugs with Heat is a Chemical Free Solution

There is no denying that bed bugs have become one of the biggest pest issues of the last 10 years. Even smaller communities like Elkhart and South Bend have had to deal with this parasitic vermin. For the last few years, the only bed bug treatment was to flood your home with chemicals. What’s worse is […]

YES Pest Pros Technicians Make Pest Control a True Profession

If you’re looking for an Elkhart pest control services company, you won’t find anyone better than Young Environmental Solutions. Young Environmental Solutions—also known as YES Pest Pros—is a family owned pest control company that is now in its third generation.  A company that uses state of the art technologies and products to fight pests of all […]