bat elimination

Keep Bats Out of Your Home

While it may be true that the bat population is at an all-time low, this mammal is still a pest that creates 1/5 of the mammal population. Bats, like every other creature in existence, have an appropriate place and purpose. In fact, they are beneficial to the environment, cutting down on insect population. (Without bats, […]

Who to Contact for Bat Elimination

What’s That?   Bats like a comfortable place where they can roost during the day, stay safe from predators, and raise their young.  In that case, what bat wouldn’t consider a house’s attic?  Attics provide them with all these things, complete with warmth and maybe even a few insects to eat.  Sometimes you may not realize you […]

How to Root Out Those Bats

If you notice bats near your home, you may have a bat roost in your home. The easiest way to tell is if you hear any loud, unusual sounds or chatters coming from your roof, attic, or other high up areas within your home. If you are still unsure, you can always call someone to […]

Going Batty? Get Help with Your Bat Control Problems

A single bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos within a single hour, which is great for mosquito and general pest control in your yard. The problem, comes when the bats decide to move into your house. Bats are not only a little scary to look at, but they carry diseases such as West Nile […]

Holy Bats in the House, Man!

When it comes to common infestations in Indiana, most folks think of the common pests first: roaches, wasps and even bed bugs, but did you know that a dozen species of bats call the state of Indiana home? And that bats can be a huge health hazard to humans? Even just one bat in the […]

Fighting Your Bat Problems

Bats are a winter pest control issue for many Indiana residents.  The noise and smell of a bat infestation is bad enough, but the diseases they can carry make them a real danger to humans.  They aren’t the easiest pest to get rid of either.  Since there are no chemicals registered in Indiana for bat […]

Bats: Friend or Foe

Bats have gotten a bad rap.  People fear them more for the images from movies and television than from any of the bats’ own actions.  Bat extermination is one of the most common requests that any pest exterminator receives.  A home owner should not forego their ideals of using green methods just because he has […]