Those lengthening days and warmer temperatures give everyone a little extra spring in their step and the desire to start on a new project. By getting your spring cleaning done now, you’ll be ahead of the game, and you’ll be sure you don’t have any unwanted houseguests to contend with come summer.

Basement and Attic

These storage spaces are often left to their own devices for long periods. Any number of unwanted household pests can show up and remain undetected for weeks or months.

Make this a search and destroy mission and clean out your storage spaces. Donate unwanted, useful items; repurpose or organize those things you want to keep; and load up the garbage bags with all the clutter and junk. Old books, paper, and cardboard make perfect food and homes for many household pests. Get rid of all you can and organize what’s left in plastic bins and crates.


No matter how clean your kitchen, there’s a good chance there are enough crumbs to keep quite a few pests happy and coming back time after time for a snack. Don’t merely clean out your pantry: clean out every cabinet and drawer, and wipe them out with disinfectant.

Discard expired items, as well as unused dishes, and put food products that come in cardboard or paper into plastic or glass containers with tight seals.

After thoroughly cleaning the insides of the refrigerator, microwave and stove, move them so you can clean the backs and sweep and mop underneath.


Make sure there’s no moisture underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Unattended drips and leaks in a dark, moist environment are an ideal breeding ground for silverfish, centipedes and cockroaches. Such conditions can also give rise to mold and mildew.


Spring cleaning your closets is a great way to take stock in your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it into the “donate” pile. The same goes for clothes that haven’t fit for goodness knows how long. Examine clothes for evidence of moths or signs of damage.

Go through those boxes of cherished memories. Paper items should be stored in sealed, plastic bins to guard against insect and rodent damage.

Before restocking your closet, vacuum, dust and disinfect the shelves and floor. Add a couple of sachets or some cedar blocks to keep the space smelling fresh.


Your garage is a critter condo, and it’s particularly vulnerable to pest infestation. Get that space empty, then go about cleaning, disinfecting and examining for water or dampness.

Continue purging by donating and throwing out things that have accumulated, and use clear storage bins with sealed lids to store everything that remains. Install shelving to keep everything off the floor and finish off by sealing windows, swinging doors, and the overhead garage door with weather stripping.

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