A thorough spring cleaning can help protect your home against pest infestations. As you prepare to dust, mop and scrub, here are a few tips to help your hard work pull double duty and protect your home against pests.

Organize Your Garage 

Cluttered spaces provide plenty of hiding places for sneaky pests, so begin your garage makeover by purging any unnecessary items from the area. Once you’ve sorted through your belongings, consider taking advantage of any vertical space by using storage shelves. This will keep the clutter off of the ground, making it easier for you to spot droppings and other signs of invasive rodents. Also, mice commonly gnaw through cardboard boxes, so you may want to ditch this storage option for a sturdier solution such as plastic containers with locking lids.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen 

Because it is a convenient source of food and water, your kitchen is a prime target for hunger-driven rodents, ants and other pests. Tackling this spring-cleaning giant can take several hours, but if you focus on a few key areas, the heart of your home will be less desirable to pests. While not the most glamorous chore, pulling out and scrubbing your refrigerator and stove will rid the space of any food remnants that may have slipped between the cracks. Another area to focus on is your pantry. After sorting and organizing its contents, consider storing loose food in airtight containers to keep the critters at bay. Also, go ahead and wipe down the shelves to take care of any escaped crumbs.

Trim Your Shrubs

Spring is the perfect time of year for landscaping. Not only will it improve your home’s curb appeal, but it will also cut down on the organic overgrowth that termites and bees find so attractive. Since bugs tend to enter your home through cracks around windows, focus on pruning plants around these openings as well as shrubs near your foundation. Doing this simple task will make it easier to spot the signs of termites, allowing you to take action before they become a major problem.

With these simple tips and preventive measures, you can enjoy a tidy, pest-free home all season long.