The Culprits

The State of Indiana and Michigan is home to a number of different rodent species, including the three vermin that are most troublesome: Roof Rats (outstanding climbers), Norway Rats (gnaw and burrow- also known as sewer rats)and Mice (commonly nest within structures).


The Danger

Rodents can spread a number of diseases, many of which may become life threatening, if not identified and treated, such as: Salmonellosis, Hepatitis, Dysentery, Hantavirus, Lyme disease, Tularemia and the Plague. That is why the eradication of existing rodent populations, as well as the prevention of access to structures, by rodents, is of paramount importance.


Exposure to contaminated rodent droppings and urine can put humans at risk for contracting these diseases. Additionally, rodents can transport disease carrying fleas into your home and act as the agent of contamination when the fleas drop off the rodent and bite an unsuspecting person.

The Inspection

There are eleven things your Y.E.S. Professional Technician will look for when conducting a comprehensive rodent inspection: Droppings, tracks, gnaw marks, burrowing, runways, grease/rub marks, urine stains, live or dead rodents, rodent sounds, rodent odors and nesting areas. A thorough inspection provides critical information about the size of the population and the routes taken by the rodents.


The Solution

Y.E.S. will solve your problem safely, quickly and affordably! This will be done in conjunction with our Integrated Pest Management, rodent elimination program. This environmentally responsible program utilizes the latest strategies, technologies and materials to eradicate your problem and to help keep it from returning.


We will make sanitation recommendations, offer exclusion suggestions and service options, discuss habitat alterations (trimming of shrubs and trees, etc) – and of course – offer a number of practical treatment methodologies to eliminate the current rodent populations.


Guaranteed Elimination

When you take advantage of one of Y.E.S.’s on-going Rodent programs, you have the peace of mind in knowing that if the rodents return, so do we and at no charge!