Everyone is looking for the ideal way to get out of the cold. Unfortunately, that aspect of life isn’t limited to humans. Rodents are also looking for a way to come in out of the cold, and many of them are going to look to your home as the perfect place to raise a family this winter. These tips can help you keep them out.

Look At How They Might Get In


Your first step to keeping them out of your home is to make certain they can’t get in. This is actually a bit easier than it seems. Take a look around your home. If you see any holes or gaps in your siding or foundation, fill them immediately. You’ll want to do the same for holes in screens or windows. You should pay special attention to gaps between pipes or wiring and the actual house itself. It doesn’t take much for a mouse to head inside. In many cases, you’ll want to stuff the area with steel wool, then caulk or use expanding foam. Make certain you screen all of your vents and floor drains. It may also help to remove any vegetation or cover that’s too close to the foundation of your home.

Do Some Cleaning!

Rodents need a few things to survive in your house – access to shelter (which you’re already providing for them), and food and water. If you remove a few of those, they’re less likely to want your shelter. You’ll need to clear the clutter to make sure they don’t have very many places to hide. Stacks of newspaper and cardboard boxes are all perfect places for rodents. You’ll also want to keep all of your food in plastic containers that they can’t gnaw through. If you have little ones, make certain you sweep or vacuum regularly to keep crumbs off the floor. Keep a lid on your trash can, and make sure you keep dirty dishes out of the sink every night.

You don’t have to put up with rodents this winter. If you think you may be a nesting site for any type of rodent, give us a call immediately.