Mice and Rats, 24/7

Rodents don’t hibernate during winter time. They remain active throughout the year, which can be detrimental to any homeowner with a rodent problem. This means that even though you think you are in the clear when it comes to rodent issues, they can still do damage to your items, food, and home.

rodent controlRodents are excellent survivors. They’re also very skilled at hiding themselves. This can mean that their numbers have the potential to grow to disturbing sizes before you realize that there is a problem in your house. This can happen during winter or summer. While numbers may dwindle for rodents outside during winter, because your home is always at a comfortable temperature, rodents inside have a much bigger advantage over those outside.

Signs of an Infestation

Knowing whether or not you have a rodent problem at any time of the year will depend on what you notice throughout the house. Are there things that have been chewed on? Clothing? Food boxes? Are there places that rodents can hide and escape to along the walls or behind objects like bookcases? Have you found droppings anywhere in the house? Have you actually seen a mouse or rat scurrying along the floor?

Sometimes it is possible that one rodent accidentally found its way into your home. This can often be dealt with by the homeowner, but it is important to note that where one rodent found its way in, so can many more.

No Way In, No Way Out

Keeping rodents out is the best way to ensure you never have a problem. But sometimes this is not always possible – especially if you don’t know how they are getting inside in the first place. You should contact a specialist to first make sure that the one rodent you saw is the only one in your home. A thorough inspection will reveal whether or not there are more mice or rats living in your house. They should also be able to discover a potential place that the rodent(s) are able to get in. By blocking this area off, rodents can no longer sneak inside. Those inside can be dealt with effectively in a more controlled environment.

It doesn’t matter if it is the coldest winter or hottest summer – if you suspect you have a rodent issue you should contact a pest control company as soon as possible. Rodents can also carry fleas and other unwanted things, so the sooner they are out of your home, the better!