Every year, rodents do some pretty significant damage to both property and the food supply across the United States. What’s worse, though, is that they have the ability to spread disease and create a serious risk to you and your family. Unfortunately, as the weather grows cold, though, they’re more likely than ever to want to come inside. How do you keep them out? These tips can help.

  • Watch for Rodent ProblemsKeep-Mice-OutOne of the best things you can do is keep an eye out for rodent problems. You may find droppings in food packages, drawers, or even your cupboards. As soon as you do, it’s time to call pest control. If you don’t see any droppings, you may also find shredded paper or fabric around your home, which they often use to nest. You could also see where a rodent has tried to gnaw or chew on a food package or another structure in your home. It’s also possible you’ll smell them. No matter which symptom you notice first, your best bet is to get help from an Elkhart pest control company immediately.
  • Time to Seal – If you really want to keep rodents out this winter, you’re going to have to do an amazing job of sealing up your home to keep them out. If you see any holes outside your home, be sure to fill them with steel wool and caulk or expanding foam. You’ll want to look carefully at those holes where pipes or cables come into your home, as they’re the perfect size for rodents to squeeze through.
  • Keep It Clean – Rodent problems can often be prevented by eliminating all potential food sources. You’ll need to keep your food in thick plastic containers with lids to keep them from chewing through the packages. You’ll also want to make certain you sweep and mop your floor each evening and wash all of the dishes in your sink at night before you go to bed. Clean up the stove, too. Using garbage cans with lids inside may be helpful as well.
  • Monitor Pet Food – Rodents love access to pet food and water, so if you think you have a problem in your home, be sure that you don’t leave food or water out for them to get to. You should also use a sealed container to keep the pet food in when it’s not in use.

Rodents can create serious health risks for your family, so taking the appropriate steps to prevent a problem is an absolute must. Contact us at Young Environmental Solutions if you suspect a problem. We can not only stop the issue in its tracks, but also prevent it from occurring again.