While it may be true that we are, to some degree, scared of almost all the pests we will encounter, some of them seem to invoke a tad bit more fear than others. Rats are a good example of that. There is something about this particular pest that, most of us can agree, is unsettling. And even though we really may wish that we never had to encounter that feared pest, the rat, the reality is that a large number of us will.

rats-in-pipesThere are a rather large number of different kinds of rats. But one particular one—the roof rat—is a particularly nasty sort of pest. The roof rat, also known as the black rat—is a creature whose very looks can bring fear. It is a pest that averages at about six to eight inches, when it reached adulthood. As the name suggests, this rat is usually black in color, but can also be found with dark brown or even  gray fur. They are slender in build, have pointy faces, large eyes, and rather big ears as well as a skinny and rather long hairless tail.

This particular rat is one that is common in most places, but is even more prominent in areas that are populated by farmland. It is a climbing rodent, which can usually be found in trees, or on higher parts of housing, which is how it got the name it has been given. It is a nocturnal animal, and one that is social. The roof rat prefers to be with others of its kind, which means an even bigger pest problem. These pesky rodents are known to eat fruits, grains, and plants. However, they are also not against gnawing on wood within your home, as well as wiring, and insulation. If in the home, they are often found in the attic, where they can still stay high above ground level, and continue to make a mess of your home. Even more disturbing is the fact that these very rodents were known to carry to bubonic plague. And, even though this disease has been controlled, there are still a few cases, which come up each year. Roof rats also carry typhus, jaundice, and salmonella.

With the damage these rodents can do to your home, as well as the potential they have for transmitting diseases which can be potentially fatal, it is wise to take the appropriate steps for removal, if you suspect roof rats are in your home. Contact a Granger pest control professional immediately, to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home, from these nasty rodents.