If you are a restaurant owner, a rodent infestation is most likely your worst nightmare, and it can lead to your restaurant being shut down for good. Rats and mice bring with them dangerous germs and diseases, and they seem to multiply by the minute. Cities with high populations of people have enormous numbers of these pests living within the city’s borders, and it is important as a restaurant owner to know what you can do to prevent this type of dangerous and unsanitary infestation.

It can be difficult to know if you have a rodent infestation to begin with, as these creatures move fast and are experts at hiding, but there are some telltale signs that they entered your restaurant while you were not looking. Rodent droppings, especially from mice, are a common giveaway, and these can be easily identified and are often found around areas in which food is stored and where dishes are stacked. Another clear sign of a rodent infestation is chewed up food packaging.

While there are many effective ways to rid your business of these pests, many of them come with health risks of their own. A restaurant owner may be wary of allowing a pest control company to come in and spray harmful chemicals around their business as these chemicals can contaminate the food. Also, these conventional pest control methods can require a restaurant to shut down for a day or two as the chemical sprays dissipate, causing you to lose business.

Luckily, there are environmentally-friendly, safe and highly effective ways to prevent and deter these animals from entering your restaurant. One important step to take is to seal up any areas through which these pests can enter, including holes in the walls and cracks around entryways that they can slip through.

Be sure that any stored food is tightly sealed and that no food scraps are left out. Similarly, make sure dishes are cleaned immediately as piles of dirty dishes will attract rodents.

Rats love garbage, so make sure that both your indoor and outdoor garbage cans are tightly sealed. Be sure to tie garbage bags as tightly as possible. It is also essential that you take out the garbage frequently and that dumpsters be emptied on a regular schedule.

Maintaining an overall clean environment will deter rodents from entering your place of business. Keeping floors and surfaces free of crumbs and food scraps will lower your chances of developing a rodent infestation.

If you are seeing the classic signs that rodents are invading your restaurant, contact a professional as soon as possible. YES Pest Pros is a team of pest specialists who know how to get rid of rodents and prevent them from coming back. YES Pest Pros will find a solution for you that is environmentally friendly and will not disrupt business.