If you asked 100 people what the most destructive, the most disgusting and the most serious pest infestation your home can have, a majority would say rodents. Not only do these pests build nests in your home and breed, well, like rats, they gnaw through wiring, dump hideous amounts of feces throughout your home and threaten to bite every time you come anywhere near them. In short, mice, squirrels, rats and other rodents are a big problem. If your home appears to have a rodent problem, call an Elkhart rodent elimination company such as Young Environmental Solutions today to have the problem properly diagnosed and treated.

The uneasy relationship between humans and rats goes back as long as the two species have shared the earth. While it was proven that it wasn’t rats that caused the horrendous bubonic plague in EuropElkhart rodent elimination company   Young Environmental Solutionse that kills tens of millions, they did carry the fleas whose bites were the main cause.

Today, in Europe, rats by the millions writhe and wriggle under ancient cities causing health problems with their droppings. While the rat problem in your home will likely never rival Rome’s, you shouldn’t wait until you have strata classes of rodents forming before calling Young Environmental Solutions. They have the experience, the tools and the patience to eliminate rodent infestations from your home.

There are a whole host of rats and other four legged pests that can get into your home or your property in Indiana. Three of the most common rat species are field mice, the common sewer rat and their cousin, the roof rat. Mice enjoy building nests in every available nook and cranny, while sewer rats are accomplished diggers that burrow and gnaw through anything that gets in their way. Roof rats, as you probably guessed, climb and devastate areas in your rafters and in your roof.

When you combine these troublemakers with the general mayhem caused by squirrels that will occasionally bite through cable or even power lines, raccoons who love to make a meal out of your garbage, skunks that can spray and bite, gophers that love to make a salad bar out of your garden and possums who can be quite vicious, you might just want to have the good folks at Young Environmental Solutions on speed dial.

An infestation is a lot easier to take care of in the beginning than it is once the problem becomes entrenched. Fight back before your property becomes a rodent breeding ground. Contact a Indiana rodent control company such as Young Environmental Solutions today to learn more.