What’s That?  
Bats like a comfortable place where they can roost during the day, stay safe from predators, and raise their young.  In that case, what bat wouldn’t consider a house’s attic?  Attics provide them with all these things, complete with warmth and maybe even a few insects to eat.  Sometimes you may not realize you have bats because you don’t hear anything or notice anything strange.  Bats may be difficult to locate since you don’t see them flying around your house during the day and you are asleep at night when they are out.  

It is possible that you will hear bats making noise, provided you are near your attic area.  They can make slight scratching noises as they move about, or you may hear faint squeaking noises as they communicate with one another.  If you suspect you have bats, you can also circle your house around dusk to see if any leave from your home to go out hunting.  

The Problem with Bats  
While bats do provide a useful service for us and the rest of the eco-system – eliminating insects – that doesn’t mean they need to be in your home to roost.  Bats can carry various diseases, and though you aren’t likely to get attacked by a bat in flight, if you try to remove them yourself you may get bitten.  More detrimental is actually the damage bats can do to your home.  They don’t mind defecating or urinating in the area that they roost because they are busy hanging far above on the roof.  This can lead to problems such as illnesses, damage to the wood or surfaces of the attic floor, and it can also attract insects who view fecal matter as food.   

Simply put, bats aren’t creatures you want or need to hang around your home.  They should be removed carefully and by professionals to ensure that all of them are discovered and cleared away from your home.

Removing the Bats
Never attempt to remove bats on your own.  Bats are difficult to remove because the second you appear in the attic, they may fly out and escape.  They may return when you have left the area, thus leading to a frustrating game that you won’t win. Getting bats out of your attic area means special tools that professionals carry.  They are more experienced, more knowledgeable, and better prepared to deal with bats.  They can also let you know just what type of bats you have roosting in your home!  

Contact a pest control company that knows how to deal with bats and can help you find out where the bats are entering and exiting, how you can fix the problem, and who can remove all of the bats from your home.  You can also find out if the company you contact follows green practices and uses eco-friendly products to take care of pest problems.  Feel free to ask them questions about their methods.  You should do what makes you feel comfortable when it comes to your home and your family.