What Are These Annoying Insects?  
Those tiny little things flying around in your kitchen may very well be fruit flies.  Fruit flies are tiny and can live in a multitude of locations as long as there is a food source nearby.  The problem with fruit flies is that they can be anywhere and 

you may not even intentionally bring them into your house, but instead purely by accident.  Grocery stores do everything they can to keep unwanted pests away from food, but sometimes all it takes is a few fruit flies to ruin those plans.  You may take home a tomato or some strawberries only to discover later that there are a few fruit flies buzzing around them and snacking on your once-delicious fruit.  

Fruit flies also aren’t above making their homes in garbage, vegetables, damp organic material (such as the soil around your potted plants), and even your kitchen drains.  You may notice them hovering around overripe fruit, or they may be attracted to a missed soda spill.  They feed on fermenting products and will also lay their eggs nearby so the larvae have something to eat when they hatch.  

Do I Need to Worry?  
When you compare fruit flies to some other pests, you don’t really need to worry.  More than anything fruit flies are a nuisance that you don’t want in your kitchen.  The lifespan of an adult fruit fly is nothing more than 30 days.  Other pests demand more immediate attention, such as termites or cockroaches.  Fruit flies don’t bite or actively cause destruction the way mice or termites can.  They will, however, get into fruits or vegetables which can lead you to throwing things away. Still, you shouldn’t have to deal with fruit flies.  They can be tough to get rid of though, due to how common they are and their attraction to sugary organic materials.  They can breed in many locations even if they are not the ideal spots.  Large populations are fruit flies are very irritating and can seem to get everywhere.   

Ridding Your Home of Fruit Flies  
You can start clearing out fruit flies simply by tossing out overripe fruits and vegetables, cleaning up any messes, taking out the trash, and making sure your drains are free and clear.  Essentially all of this cleaning removes the food sources and breeding grounds for fruit flies.  Without food or a place to breed, fruit flies should move out or die off.  Make sure that while during this period any fruits or vegetables that you purchase should be kept in the refrigerator until you feel confident that they will not be bothered by fruit flies.   

If this doesn’t seem to solve the problem, then you may need to contact a pest control service.  An exterminator will be able to determine the source of new fruit flies and help you eradicate them.  It may be something simple as a spill missed in a hidden corner, or a piece of decaying tree fruit outside of your window that attracts the flies and may lead to them accidentally flying inside your home.  With their knowledge and attention to detail you will soon be free of fruit flies and can work on more important things.