Bed bugs have been off the radar in the U. S. since shortly after World War II because of the diligent use of pesticides like DDT. These creatures that were such a nuisance prior to the war were thought to be eradicated; people seldom even thought about them anymore. But in the early 1990’s bed bugs began to make a comeback. Believed to have made their way back to the states in the luggage of international travelers, bed bugs are now beginning to show up in even the most prestigious hotels, dormitories, and nursing homes. We’re not talking about seedy dives and unsanitary homes—bed bugs can—and do—thrive in any environment. By attaching themselves to luggage, clothing, and furniture they have been able to move about freely and start new infestations in very short order. Part of the reason for this strong bed bug resurgence is that people don’t know what bed bugs look like—and because they are very difficult to detect especially in the larva stage.

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