There are many pests that can present a problem in the home. One particularly nasty pest is the carpet beetle. Belonging the Dermestidae family, the carpet beetle is part of a group of pests that have over five hundred different species. It is a small insect, with the average adult carpet beetle ranging between two to five millimeters.  They have an oval-shaped body and can be seen in a variety of different colors…the most common being yellow, brown, or black. Some can even have multiple colors. Carpet-Beetle

The female carpet beetle has the ability to lay up to ninety eggs at one time. These will typically hatch within ten to fifteen days, and the small hatchlings will immediately start destroying things. They begin to feed immediately after being hatched and continue to do so for the remainder of their lives. These pests can live up fifteen months and can reproduce multiple times. Because of this, infestation is a big concern.

The carpet beetle gets its name from the fact that it will feed on carpet fibers. It is also small enough to easily hide in carpets without being seen. Apart from destroying carpet fibers, these pests will also feed on skin particles, hair, different fibers throughout the home, and leather. This means that furniture can also be on the menu for these small pests.

If the presence of carpet beetles is suspected, it is urgent that the appropriate steps are taken. Contact a pest care professional immediately. The longer these pests are allowed to invade your home, the more damage they will do. If infestation occurs to an extreme extent, the repairs can be costly. The source of the infestation may need to be removed so that further population of the pest can be avoided. However, with immediate action, this step can usually be avoided.

Don’t let carpet beetles create a mess in your house. Contact an Elkhart pest control professional, who will be glad to assist in removing this pest.