Got Bed Bugs?  
Bed bugs are starting to make their appearance once again in Indiana, and all it takes is for a few to hop onto something of yours from another location to infest your house.  This is most often how bed bugs get from one place to another.  Bed bugs are small and very hard to see.  They can be brown or reddish brown and are excellent at hiding themselves which is why you may not even realize you have a bed bug problem until you start to discover bites on your body that weren’t there the night before.

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult because not only are they skilled at hiding everywhere, they don’t mind laying their eggs everywhere too.  The eggs are even smaller than the insects themselves, and are white which can make them nearly impossible to see.Bed Bugs    Young Environmental Solutions

Eliminating the Unseen  
That is precisely where heat treatments come into play.  Instead of simply spraying down the rooms of your house that have bed bugs, a different approach is taken.  One that is much safer and healthier for you and your family.  In addition to this, sometimes various pesticides and other treatments aren’t able to completely wipe out a bed bug infestation.

Bed bug heat treatments are much more effective in that they are able to kill everything.  Bed bugs in every stage are eliminated, from adults to nymphs to eggs.  How does this work?  Simple.  This highly proven and non-toxic treatment heats up your home to above the thermal death point of the insects.  In essence, your home is warmed up to the point that the bed bugs simply cannot stand the heat and die off.  No chemicals, no pesticides, just a whole lot of warmth.

Even better, heat is able to easily penetrate through cracks and crevices where some pesticides may not be able to reach.  This means a total elimination of bed bugs no matter where they may be hiding!

Call Today for a Heat Treatment  
Heat treatments are an excellent way to remove bed bugs from your home.  They are safer for the environment as well as everyone living in your home – pets included!  You can ask all the questions you want about the heat treatment.  A qualified technician will be able to answer them and put your mind completely at ease.  Why suffer from bed bugs when all it takes is a quick call to a pest control company and a few hours of heat to free your house of them once and for all?