Realtors are in the business of finding the perfect house for their clients – a place that will quickly go from being just a mere house to a home. But finding the perfect house goes far beyond simply finding a house that has all of the physical desires the client may be looking for. The perfect house must also be in perfect shape. In order to make certain that the house being presented is in top shape, all of the right inspections should be planned to see if there are any possible issues.

WDO-Pest-InspectionWDO, or wood destroying organisms, are a big concern when it comes to buying that dream house. This concern only grows if the house is older. These organisms consist of termites, wood-eating beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. These pests can wreak havoc on the wood of a home. The damage caused could either be superficial, or damage severe enough to render the house unsafe. Either way, it can be expensive to repair. This is why it is so important for an appropriate WDO inspection to take place.

This type of inspection will look at many different elements. First, any trees, or dead wood close to the house, will be examined for one of the wood-destroying pests listed above. If these pests are found, the tree or wood may be removed from the property, to insure that they do not spread to the house.

Next, the house will be thoroughly inspected. Most exterminator inspections will begin on the exterior of the home, where professionals will look for problems such as termite damage, problems with the gutters, as well as inspecting any wood close to the ground, where it may come into contact with either the pests, or moisture. The interior of the house will also be inspected, with find detail being given to doors and windows, as well as the garage, attic, and any wood on the walls.

Realtors want to know that the house they place their client in is a great one. Therefore, it is crucial to perform these tests. WDO exterminator inspection professionals can put the minds, of both the realtor and the buyer, at ease.