Bed bugs are a difficult insect to exterminate.  Their flat bodies and ability slip into tiny, protected crevices make them a hard job even for a pest control technician.  Elkhart pest control professionals have found that using heat treatments for bed bugs is one of the most effective methods for the eradication of these wily insects.   heat treatment, Young Environmental

Bed bugs are hard to kill because they are able to hide so well from traditional methods of pest extermination.  Typical insect treatments don’t work on them.  Sprays and fogs usually don’t penetrate the small cracks and crevices where these bugs like to hide.   

Modern beg bugs have had a few decades to adjust to our chemical warfare.  As a result, there are populations that have become resistant to even some of the harshest chemicals on the market today.  Few homeowners want to live with the residues of these chemical methods anyway.  

So what can you do to get rid of such a hardy but nasty creature?  Heat treatments are proving to be one of the best alternatives for bed bug extermination.  They are nontoxic and effective but best administered by a bed bug pest control expert.  

The body of a bed bug can withstand an environment of up to around 120 degrees.  Heat treatments must exceed this mark in order to effectively kill the insects.  This is one reason why it’s a job for the pros.  Here are a few ways they can use heat to treat for bed bugs

  • Steam.  Bed bugs aren’t just found on the bed.  They can hide in many places.  Carpets and upholstered furniture can often harbor bed bugs.  Steam can be used to kill bugs on and in these items.  It can also be used to kill bed bugs behind baseboards.
  • Hot dryers and portable heat chambers.  Larger household items may need treatment in a portable chamber.  Temperatures can be elevated past the killing point in these chambers.
  • Professional heating systems.  The pros may have systems for heating entire rooms or structures in order to eradicate large scale infestations.   

The only drawback to bed bug heat treatments is that they have no residual effects.  That means that while heat treatments will kill bed bugs in every stage of the lifecycle from egg to adult, they will not protect you from a future infestation.   

Preventative measures must be taken to keep bed bugs from re-inhabiting your home after a heat treatment.  Ask your Granger pest control exterminator how you can keep bed bugs from coming back.