Termites take a short time to intrude your home and eat all things made of wood. Despite its reputation as a wood-eating pest, though, it also affects other unsuspecting items lying around at home. The pest can cause great damage to your clothes.

Termites Eat Almost Anything with Cellulose

Thousands of termites species exist. What’s binding these species together is the fact that the food they consume must always have some form of plant material: cellulose. As such, they will eat anything that contains the material.

Your books and wallpapers may be at risk because they are made of paper, which generally comes from wood. What might surprise you, however, is the fact that termites are more than willing to chew on your clothes and bore holes into the fabric.

Fabrics such as cotton and linen come from plants—they contain the cellulose which termites cannot get enough of. So these pests will not hesitate to chew on your clothes to get the nutrition they need to survive. And who knows, they may even enjoy their “fashionable meal.”

Address the Issue as Soon as You Detect It

When your clothes bear evidence to termite feasts, chances are high that the pest has already taken over your entire property. It might already be a widespread problem. After sampling your clothes for a course or three, these pests are probably scouting for new, more sumptuous fare.

You can address the situation by cleaning out your closet thoroughly and washing your clothes immediately. But you’re just scratching the surface here. Get rid of the voracious critters permanently by getting professional pest control. This way, you will know that they will address the issue full on, making sure that the termites don’t take up any more space—or eat your clothes.

Our termite control in Indiana helps save your home from costly damage. We get rid of the pest, ensuring that your house is completely free from it.

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