There is no denying that bed bugs have become one of the biggest pest issues of the last 10 years. Even smaller communities like Elkhart and South Bend have had to deal with this parasitic vermin. For the last few years, the only bed bug treatment was to flood your home with chemicals. What’s worse is that if there were eggs in a place where the poison wasn’t sprayed, your infestation came right back. Now, a chemical-free bed bug treatment solution has been found and it attacks the bed bug’s biggest weakness: heat.  

Bed bugs are a strange lot. They love warmth, which is why they like to crowd around beds and radiators and they love a hot meal, preferably, you. Ironically, this love of warmth has a very strict limit before it becomes fatal. Bed bug exterminators have been telling folks to wash and dry their clothing on high heat because temperatures like that kill living bugs and bed bug eggs instantly. What pest control experts have now done is figured out a way to turn your entire home into a hot box and kill bed bugs without a single drop of poison. Here’s how it works.  

The Heat Rx system has been proven to be an effective treatment for bed bugs. Your bed bug exterminator will come to your home with a trailer packed with the latest heating technology. All of your doors and windows will be closed and heating tubes will be inserted into your home. Clean, hot air is then pumped inside your home until an internal temperature of about 140 degrees is reached. Computer controlled fans are placed in every room of your home to help move the hot air and to monitor the temperature. An exhaust system is put in place to suck out the cold air, which means that the hot air that’s being pumped in permeates every inch of your house. Often times you can re-enter your home the same day. No treatment is cleaner, no treatment is more effective and no treatment is safer. Bed bug heat treatments are the wave of the future, and they are here now to help you kick bed bugs right out of your home for good.  

Bed bugs have sadly become a fact of life in the 21st century. They don’t have to lead to a home covered in poison, however. Contact your Bloomington pest control or South Bend pest control experts at Young Environmental Solutions today to learn more.