The cooler temperatures of fall have finally arrived and they might seem like quite a relief after summer’s scorching heat.  However, along with the refreshing weather come pest control problems.  As the seasons change, pests are often tempted to take up residence in your home.  

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The change of season is frequently a signal for pests to leave their warm weather nesting sites and find a safer, warmer spot to spend the cold winter.  Your home looks very inviting to mice, termites, spiders and most other pests as well.  The climate controlled comfort of your house is heaven for these creatures that would otherwise be stuck outside all winter.  

Use the milder days of fall to pest-proof your home.  You won’t have to brave the attic in summer’s heat or the crawlspace during a winter freeze.  Use some common sense tactics to pest-proof your home so you won’t have to turn to an exterminator later.  

Exclude pests.
Find the places where a pest would be likely to enter your home and seal them off.  Here are a few likely culprits.

  • Foundation cracks.  A mouse only needs a quarter of an inch to get inside your foundation and then into your home.  Roaches and other insects need even less.  Caulk or mortar any cracks or fissures in your foundation to keep pests out. 
  • Attic vents.  If you have a vented attic, spend some time putting up or repairing the screens that keep squirrels and bats out.  Fall is a good time for this since the attic won’t be so hot. 
  • Windows.  Seal the crevices around you windows before the temperature get to cold.  This will not only cut down on your energy costs, it will prevent pest from getting inside.  Check and repair holes in your screens as well. 
  • Trim the trees.  Many pests use the branches hanging over your roof or the shrubs against your walls as a means of getting inside your home.  Trim back the trees and shrubs to help keep pests out.   

Schedule a pest control appointment.
Schedule a visit with your Bloomington pest control company in the fall.  This is a great time for him to inspect for termites and make suggestions about pest services that your home might require.  He will have a better view of any damage or infestations that occurred over the summer once the leaves begin to drop.  He can also make suggestions on what you can do to prevent future infestations.  

Enjoy the cooler weather but don’t forget to make pest control a fall priority.