As spring and summer come around once again, we find ourselves doing more outside activities.  We go hiking, fishing, camping, or even have backyard barbeques. We don’t often think about all the little insects that can also come out during these months. Proper pest control becomes a very important part of our lives.

A few of these tiny pests that have a big impact are deer and wood ticks. But what are ticks? Ticks are tiny bloodsuckers that can cause big problems. They catch a free ride on dogs, wildlife, humans or other living thing and enjoys a tasty meal, while exposing us to the possibility of contracting a disease. Thousands of cases of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or anaplasmosis are reported and sadly there are no vaccines against any of these.

These parasitic pests are nearly impossible to avoid, so look into a pest control company to help aid you in protecting your home or self from these little creatures. Many pest control companies, like Young Environmental Solutions offer a tick pest control service. There are other ways to help protect yourself as well as keeping appointments to insure we remain disease free.

  • After going outside or anywhere where there is a risk of exposure to ticks, be sure to check yourself, children or pets for ticks. Look inside shoes, and be sure to inspect anything that you took with you, like backpacks or purses. If you find a tick, carefully remove it with a pair of tweezers with a fine tip. Just grab the head as firmly as yopest control   Young Environmental Solutionsu can, and pull. Make certain you don’t twist or jerk during the process.
  • When hiking, avoid tall grass or areas where deer are numerous. Be sure to stay well within the path boundary when in the woods.
  • The lighter the clothes you wear, the less likely you are to attract ticks, since they like darker colors. Tuck your pants into socks and boots to prevent ticks crawling up your legs. Long sleeves and hats are also good for deterring these little bothers.  Be sure to use a form of Deet repellent, for anyone over 3 years old.
  • Help your South Bend pest control by keeping debris cleared in your yard.  Be sure to mow your grass regularly. Mice and other rodents need to be controlled as they also carry ticks, and once in your home, you are at risk. This means self regulated bird feeders, and keeping garbage in the trashcan. If you live in an area where poultry is allowed, chickens are a good way to cut down on ticks as well.
  • Rocks and gravel can be placed between grass and wooded areas to prevent ticks from entering your yard and ensure that deer cannot enter. A local pest service can apply a Permethrin based insecticide to your yard in early may or June to ensure no ticks can survive.

Using safe, effective measures and common sense will help you to protect yourself and your family from these disease carrying pests.