When it comes to fleas, spring is typically the season that comes to mind. Although this is true for many southern states, many pest control companies consider fall to be the worst season for many states.  In fact, the number of fleas found on animals and pets is 70 percent higher in the fall than in the spring.

There are many factors contributing to the fall flea surge. The most prevalent cause of this surge is an increase in precipitation and temperatures that stay around 70 degrees at the beginning of the season. Pet owners could easily have a festering flea problem into the winter months if they do not regularly check their pets.

It is important to check pets regularly for fleas for many reasons. A flea infestation can escalate very quickly, and can often be difficult to get rid of without the help of a pest control company. Here are a few reasons why fleas are a threat to both your own and your pet’s health:

  1. Your pet immediately becomes their food. Within 15 minutes of coming in contact with your pet, a flea will start to feed on your pet’s blood. Fleas can carry a multitude of diseases including tapeworm and typhus, which can be passed on to a flea’s human host.
  2. A few fleas can become an infestation quickly. Within 24 hours of arriving in your home, fleas begin to breed. In a week, one female flea can produce up to 2-3 thousand eggs. Their eggs hatch in 10 days, and once in the larval state, they can survive for up to eight months without food.
  3. Their eggs are everywhere. Fleas may initially lay their eggs on your pet, but their eggs can be found in carpets, on drapes, in furniture, etc. These eggs can be transferred from your pet, or be laid directly by the fleas themselves. It is important to remember that fleas jump and crawl, which can lead to a greater infestation.

At YES Pest Control, we offer comprehensive, customized home and yard extermination services to stop infestations at their source instead of temporarily stemming the problem. First, our licensed exterminators will inspect your home and your home’s environment to identify the scope of the problem and determine the best course of action. With extensive experience in flea control, we have a thorough understanding of where they are likely to nest, such as carpets or your pet’s bedding, and the best way to get rid of them for good.

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