Forget the Stereotypes  
Cockroaches are often associated with houses that aren’t clean or are run down. This is because cockroaches are often found in those places, as well as in other unclean areas like garbage, sewers, and so forth. But cockroaches are still perfectly comfortable living in the wild. They can be in your yard at this very moment living like a regular insect without any human additions.  
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What this means for you is that you can indeed potentially get a cockroach problem – even if your home is nice and clean. So what is it that attracts cockroaches if stereotypes are thrown out the window? What might you be doing wrong to invite them in?  

What Cockroaches Like  
Cockroaches enjoy dark places that offer moisture. If there is a food source available, then that’s even better. That means they have an excellent place to hide, live, reproduce, and be safe from potential predators. Your house may be spic-and-span, but perhaps there is a place behind your bathroom wall where moisture tends to collect. This can be a draw for cockroaches if a few manage to find their way into your home.  

Likewise, a clean home means nothing to a cockroach when they discover how to get inside. The simple fact that they are able to get in can be a big problem. A hole or crack in one of your outside walls can lead to a cockroach problem as they discover that your house is comfortable to live in, even if they still get their sustenance outside. They are inside now – and they’re bound to start exploring, and who knows what they might find that you never knew about.  

Get Checked  
You can have a good pest control company check out your home with a free evaluation. They can let you know if they have discovered any cockroaches, or even any potential entryways for pests. This can help ensure that you find ways to protect your home not just against cockroaches, but other potential pests as well.  

If you do indeed find out that you have a cockroach problem, don’t panic. The pest control technician can set up a plan and explain to you fully and clearly what that plan is, how it will take care of the cockroaches, and what can then be done to make sure that they do not return. By getting an early start this spring you can make sure that your home is free of roaches all throughout summer and fall.