But I thought my house was clean and secure…  
Cockroaches are very skilled at getting into places people don’t want them to be.  If they view that location as somewhere they want to be, they will find a way to get there.  While most of the time people associate cockroaches with an unclean home, this isn’t always the case.  Cockroaches are attracted to the same things that most other pests are attracted to – food, water, and shelter.  They can multiply in less clean areas such as in sewers or cockroach   Young Environmental Solutions arbage heaps because they get all three of these things and there is no one to push them out or slow down their numbers.  But this is your home, and a cockroach infestation is not something you should stand for.

So what can I do?  
If you have discovered cockroaches in your home, then there are likely places such as cracks or crevices that they have found, or perhaps they simply came through vents or piping.  There are a lot of ways for cockroaches to get into a house – something as simple as a basement door that doesn’t sit flush at its base can be enough for cockroaches to slip under.

The best option for dealing with cockroaches is to call in the professionals.  They do full inspections to identify locations cockroaches may be coming through, where they are hiding, and figure out the best ways to eliminate them.  A professional will also keep you from relying on spray pesticides you might have lingering in your basement.  A high quality pest control company doesn’t have to rely 100% on poisons and chemicals these days.  Instead, they have other greener options that are much better for your home as well as the environment.

Can I keep them out after that?  
If you hire the right company, the technician can show you the cracks and places that roaches may be getting through and suggest various ways to stop the problem.  They might identify everything from leaky pipes to potential food sources.  They will inform you of things that can be done in order to keep roaches out, aside from just laying down a barrier of protection around the house.

A good pest control company will take things a step further and have the supplies, skills, and manpower to do the repairs themselves.  They want you fully satisfied with their company which is why so many will go above and beyond in their customer service and the services they offer.