The one phrase you often hear from folks who are facing a steep home repair bill due to termite infestation is, “If only we’d known.” Unlike bats, bees, roaches or other pests, the termites can be in your home, causing serious, debilitating damage without you even knowing. If you lead the kind of busy life many folks do, you may not realize you have a problem until it is too late. The following common sense tips can help keep your home termite free.

There are dozens of benefits to keeping up with the neighbours, and you can add termite awareness to that list. Termites often go from one home to another until an entire street or even a neighbourhood is suffering from a serious problem. If you don’t talk to your neighbours about who is getting treatments, who is doing repairs and who just sold their home, these wood-munching pests can travel between homes undetected. A connected neighbourhood Termites   Young Environmental Solutionsis a termite free one.

Next, evaluate your yard to see if there are any common termite breeding grounds around. Most folks know that a rotting old wooden shed in the back yard is a prime candidate, but what about that flimsy tree house or that pile of wood chips that you keep meaning to clean up? Any dead wood can attract termites. If you still have firewood stacked for next winter, inspect it and look for those tell-tale piles of sawdust that termites leave behind. It’s difficult to admit that a termite infestation could happen to you, but ignoring it won’t solve the problem.

Finally, if you’d like the opinion of a seasoned pro, contact Young Environmental Services for a home and property inspection. They can come to your property and accurately identify common issues that can attract termites. From wood fences to that birdfeeder sitting in the grass, the last thing you want to do is leave termite bait out for a hungry band of destructive termites.

Young Environmental Services has the long range termite plans in place to keep infestations out of your home and to treat them if you haven’t already. Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Don’t trust it to just any extermination company. Young Environmental Services an Indiana termite exterminator, knows how to keep the lasting beauty and safety of your home intact while destroying termites before they have a chance to take hold.